I started this blog in July 2010. It's about a lot of things.

It's about how I got better from my 10-year struggle with chronic pain. It's also about how I'm continuing to learn to take care of my body and mind in our modern world. And it's about my life as an expat American living in London.

I write about everything that catches my interest, which typically includes well-being or health, psychology, meditation, medicine, relationships, food, exercise, body image and cultural observations on both sides of the Atlantic.

Please take a look around the site and if you have any questions, or a topic you'd like me to address, feel free to email me. Also, you might want to check out my first blog posting, which gives a little more flavor of how the blog began, or if you have more time you might want to read the whole story.

There's also a box (just to your right) to sign up for an email subscription, which means each post gets delivered straight to your inbox. Busy people who don't usually go online find this very convenient -- especially my Mom!

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