The Whole Story

I'm back in town. And although I said I wouldn't post until my usually scheduled time of Monday (thru Thursday), I just couldn't help myself!

The trip to France was interesting and fun and I have so many compelling goodies to share with you, including anecdotes about marshmallows, wild boars and a genuine lack of indoor plumbing. It will be so much fun next week! I must admit, I did miss blogging (hence my unusually hefty use of exclamation points).

But in the meantime, I have tinkered around with the site and added some new features, including some new pages. "About This Blog" and "Contact" probably speak for themselves, but just to let you know that "The Whole Story" is an article I've written about how the whole RSI/muscle pain drama began and how in the end I got sorted out. It's rather long, so don't think of it as a blog post, but as something you can read through when you've got time and a glass of wine/cup of tea in hand and can maybe put your feet up on a footstool (aren't footstools grand?).

I've also signed up for a twitter account, just in case you're into that sort of thing - you can follow me at @mindbodyscroll. And, if you haven't noticed, there's also a relatively new feature where you can sign up to get my posts via email, without even having to check the site (my Mom, who is a very busy lady, is a big fan of this spangly feature).

Looking forward to chatting with you Monday.

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