Taking It Easy

There's nothing like a change of scenery to help you to feel refreshed. And there's nothing like jet lag to spoil it. We're back from California and my brain is melting and my fingers can barely type. Although it's nearly dinner time in the UK, my body feels like it's been up all night and is now crashing and burning – the shaking hands and everything.

Not only am I exhausted, but my body feels crappy and sluggish. Trying to sleep in a plane seat means my back and neck ache, and the rest of me feels puffy from overeating at wedding events (of course I needed to have a hamburger and a hot dog since it was a special post-wedding barbeque, further justified by the fact that I was in America). Not to mention the massive consumption of salty Goldfish crackers in our hotel room when real food wasn't readily available.

I'm keen to get back into a routine and get caught up on everything, from work to blogging, to reading, to sharing pictures, to getting back to exercising (even if it's only walking for now). The old me would have pushed ahead. The old me wouldn't have been so forgiving. But now that I know my body isn't a machine and that it isn't going to help me to throw myself back into everything before I get enough rest to keep my hands from shaking. I call this acceptance.

And so, I'm going to get some sleep. And eat some regular meals that actually include vegetables. I'll get back to my more frequent posting next week. I know you'll understand.

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