Upstaged By The Royals

As I've said before, planning a wedding is an interesting process. Luckily I'm actually a good project manager, so as I've actually got going on the tasks, it seems more controllable and less stressful than I thought it would be. And I do love a bit of Excel. Give me some spreadsheets to play with and I'm very happy (and wedding planning spreadsheets don't involve too many calculations, or scary things like macros).

I'm still waiting for tantrums from family members or big fights, but so far, so good (I know, I'm jinxing it!). Even Future Hub and I haven't had too many words over it recently – although he tried not to let me register for a gravy boat last Saturday at Debenhams, which could have got very ugly (he conceded).

Perhaps getting married at a later age (ripe old 34) has made the whole thing a bit easier. I think I'm better at getting things done and more level-headed about the importance of decisions like the colors or the kind of cake we want. Despite the fact that the head of food at the catering company gave us the hairy eyeball when we chose poultry for both our courses (duck and chicken), I have been able to get on with my life.

The thing I'm enjoying most about the wedding planning process is the fact that I am talking (or emailing) with my friends and family back home in the States a lot more than usual. Even if it's just negotiations over hotel rooms or my Mom asking how it will be possible for guests to buy us presents that will be delivered in England (newsflash – they do have department stores in the UK that will accept US credit cards), I'm getting a lot more time with everyone.

Case in point was the email I received from my aunt in Wisconsin this morning asking if we could possible postpone our wedding to coincide with Kate and Will's Royal one? She has been a long-time follower of the Royals, reading about them in the papers while eating her breakfast cereal for years. It was the big joke when she first met Future Hub. We took her to Windsor Castle which included a little stroll through Eton where the princes went to school. She proceeded to exclaim, "I always though it was so mean that the princes were sent off to boarding school – but turns out they were right down the road from their Grandmother's house!"

I'm sure there will be many more stressful moments. I'm still sweating over the guest list, worried about who will be upset if I can't invite them and if we're actually going to be able to fit everyone into the venue. I'm certainly not looking forward to the seating chart. But the flip side is that because people are important to me, it's also the best part of planning the wedding. It's fun – and it allows our families, including our extended families, to take part in our lives like they haven't been able to before. Because I'm convinced more and more that this wedding isn't as much about us as much as it is about us and the people who matter to us, who will provide our support network throughout the years – which I think every marriage needs.

P.S. I can't believe Kate and Wills are upstaging us like this!

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