Easier Than You Think?

It's intimidating to try to write a post-wedding blog post. After being away from blogging for three weeks and embarking on a life-changing experience, I've been wondering how I could possibly pen a good-enough comeback post.

In fact, everything feels that way right now. There are actually still wedding-related tasks to complete, I have a very full personal email inbox, work projects have been sitting there waiting for my return and after eight months of wedding planning there are certainly a lot of tasks that I put aside in the 'after the wedding', category which are now waiting patiently for me.

I haven't really known where to start. So I figured that eventually I'd get around to writing (hopefully) something good and meaningful about the wedding. But until then, I suppose the first step is to just write something.

This little thought process made me think about procrastination in general. What keeps us from doing the things we either need or want to do? It boils down to fear for me – fear mostly that either I can't handle what I'm going to embark on or that it will be terrible in some way.

It's nearly comical that no matter how much I am dreading a task, it is usually easier than I think. For example, our fridge-freezer broke the week before the wedding. I've been dreading trying to get it fixed. But finding the receipt took me about 30 seconds and calling the retailer to arrange for someone to come and fix it took only a few minutes (and was painless). Not even close to the time I've spent feeling annoyed it broke, anticipating that I wouldn't be able to find the receipt or that the shop would refuse to fix it and then staring at it on my to-do list, dreading it.

But it was easier than I thought. The repair man will come tomorrow and I'll work from home.

I suppose, however, I'm still not convinced that everything will be easier than I think, as I'm still feeling quite overwhelmed. I was in an adrenaline-fuelled mode before the wedding, a to-do list robot, if you will. And now the adrenaline is gone and I'm not sure where to start. I know a lot of people have told me I'd be depressed after the wedding – that there would be a big hole to fill. But that's not what it feels like to me; it's more like I need to figure out how to shift gears and where to direct my energy. Also, I'm exhausted (perhaps the adrenaline come-down?). So I'm not sure how much energy I actually have to direct.

Like most things, I'm sure once a little time passes and I get started on things it will end up being easier than I think. But for now I'm just muddling along (and at least have finally written a blog post!).

P.S. The wedding was brilliant. Definitely worth all the hard work. More to come on that.

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