Introducing: The Resource Page

I mention a lot of books in my blog postings and one of my friends suggested she'd like to be able to see them all in one place. As a bit of a self-help maven, I've read through many of the duds as well as the good ones and I think these are the best of the best.

So... introducing the Resources page!

I've arranged the books by category: General Well-Being, The Brain & Meditation, Food & Body Image and Writing. If you have a great self-help book you've read, please email me to tell me about it. I'm always looking for new ones and it may just end up on this list.

Happy reading.


  1. Liking your choices - several of which are on my bookshelves, too. :-)

  2. Thanks - suggestions for new titles always welcome so let me know if there are any gems I'm missing. Gretchen Rubin talks about having a 'comfort' activity - mine is definitely reading self-help books!


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