Round Up: On Love

I was a bit sheepish when I chose 'LOVE' as October's Self-Discovery Word by Word post. I thought it might be a bit cliché. But I was wrong – the posts on 'love' were truly beautiful and incredibly authentic!

So here are the posts, all very much worth reading, in no particular order…

I (Love) This: Self-Discovery Word by Word – an inspiring and poetic post from Mary at Miss Mary Max about loving when you get the chance. "Regardless of the feeling," she says. "Do love when it’s easy and joyous and fun and when it’s hard and grueling and against your instinct."

Margarita from Weightless gives us all 4 Ways To Truly Love Yourself. Four practical, doable ways to show ourselves love unconditionally, as she so clearly puts it, "beyond the curve of your hips or the shape of your thighs."

And Mara at Medicinal Marzipan takes the concept of loving yourself that one step further, asking the question: What happens when you love yourself, find someone to love you, and then fall out of love with yourself? In On Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love Themselves, Mara explains that "the thing about love – reciprocal, intimate, lasting, nourishing, fantastic, gorgeous, exciting love – is that it requires that both parties believe that they deserve to be there."

Finally, Ashley at Nourishing the Soul did something brilliant in its simplicity with What I Love Today, a list of what she is loving right now, both big and small. I particularly liked her list's intro – "Love ain't easy, but it's always perfect."

So true. And if you haven't read it already, here's my post on love and why it's big.

If for whatever reason you didn't send me your post or thoughts yet, don't hesitate to send them now. I will quickly add yours to the list - the beauty of blogs is you can edit them (without having to stop the press)!

I'd also like to point out that this month is SDWW's one-year anniversary! Ashley started the series last October 2010 with GRATITUDE. If you'd like to read all the past posts and roundups you can find them here. She's looking for bloggers to host upcoming months so if you're interested in taking part, please do contact her. You won't regret it – it's such an interesting series and a great way to find new and interesting blogs.

So with love, have a great week and hope to see you for next month's word. 

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