Is It Too Late For a New Year's Resolution Post?

Like any self-help reading, list making, delusional perfectionist, I have always loved New Year's resolutions. But these days I am a fan of making one resolution. I have the rest of the year to try to improve myself in other ways anyway.  

Last year my one resolution was: Music. I was going to go to more live shows, seek out new bands and update my ipod. Or something like that.

The only music I really got involved in was choosing our wedding playlist and figuring out how to program our new stereo (wedding gift) to Radio 3 and Magic FM (just kidding, I also put XFM on there, because, of course, I am very indie). But even better, after a week in Croatia watching German MTV, I learned who Pit Bull is, so I consider last year's resolution a resounding success!

So this year's resolution is called: Projects

It all came about from a conversation I had with a friend over a bottle of wine. We were lamenting about all the projects we could never get done, things like sorting through photos or cleaning out this or that, because there was always something more interesting to do. Mainly sitting together over a bottle of wine to discuss such burning issues.

And here was my thought on the matter. I believe that sometimes the reason I (and feasibly other people) never get around to those projects just waiting in the wings is that 1) there are too many, which is overwhelming and 2) there is no deadline.

So what I proposed to my friend is that we try the one-month, one-project approach. That would mean by the end of the year we would have completed 12 projects. Which, in my opinion, sounds like a whole lot.

January's project for me has been 'technology' and has mainly consisted so far of spending a lot of money on a new laptop and getting a souped-up smart phone whose operating system still somewhat baffles me. I had to actually call Vodafone to figure out how to lock it. But I have downloaded some apps and have even been reading books on it as an experiment in e-reading (not so bad, actually).

Next month's project… wedding photos! Just in time for our one-year anniversary, I would like to have at least one photo from our wedding framed and on display. I was pretty embarrassed in December when we had some of the Hub's family over and there was nary a wedding photo in sight. Although with the Hub's lack of enthusiasm for photos in general (he hasn't even looked properly through our wedding ones) perhaps they just thought I was being a supportive good wife?

Happy (Belated) New Year's!

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  1. Even though your Music year is over, you might like Radio Nova, from France, you can download it as an app on your phone here & I bet you can in London's a good station.

  2. Thank you, I will check that out. That sounds like it would fit into my 'technology' month, which although officially now over can be extended a bit further! I still have a few other technology tasks on the list, as is always the way.

  3. I love this idea. I do better with a schedule that has some room for flexibility so this monthly project category is perfect - motivating yet not too stressful :)

  4. It IS flexible. I realized I wasn't quite done with my 'technology' project as we rolled into February, so I am giving myself an extension. But at least I will still get it done! Be sure to come back and let me know how the idea works for you in practice.


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