Post Script

Thought I'd add a P.S. to my last post, particularly for those of you struggling with similar pain.

I had an appointment with Super Physio yesterday and indeed she confirmed that exercising rigorously (for me at least) while I was trying to get ahead of the pain was not a good idea. But she also said that moving IS a good idea amd suggested the old 20 minutes toe in to toe out rule for swimming and maybe going easy on the yoga for a while (as in fewer classes or sitting out poses). And paying attention to how tired I am before doing any of this.

But she also was insistent on pointing out that I have a very different body than I used to -- way stronger -- and that although I was generally feeling panicked, not to mention stiff and sore, that this is not the situation I was facing years ago.

She also (wisely) reminded me that at times like these when the work days are long that it's a good idea to do a set of the rehab exercises first thing in the morning (ugh). But hey, I can get up early if it means less pain. It's all about incentives.

Our sailing holiday this Friday in Turkey is well-timed too, Super Physio added -- anything that gets me away from that bloody desk is good news. But how to escape more permanently from the desk-bound job? Schedule more lunches and coffees? Or perhaps persue that life-long dream I have of being a waitress?

I'll probably have to be resigned to morning physio exercises. At least for a while.

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