What If I Need It?

The manic wild clear out is progressing. The Hub and I have taken many bags to the charity shop, and after this upcoming week's Saturday bus trip -- with no car, we make for unusual creatures on the bus -- I estimate we will hit about 30 bags. I lost count at some point and the Hub scurried off with some items to donate before I could photograph them and make a record for the annals of MB&S history.

I've completed tops, bottoms, hanging clothes, socks, underwear, handbags, scarves, belts, hats, gym clothes, beach clothes, sleepwear, shoes, jewelry, books, skincare products, other toiletries, make-up, valuables (whatever that is!), electrical equipment, household equipment, household supplies, kitchen items, food supplies, games, playing cards, knick-knacks, candles, luggage, bedding, towels and seasonal items.


By the way, this is what a bathroom looks like, deconstructed.

Scary stuff. (I love this photo, by the way, because no one can quite believe what a little hoarder I am.)

Still to go: the hard stuff, including papers, photos, sentimental papers, wall hangings/artwork. Not to mention the boxes my Mom will be shipping over which will contain some of the really tricky childhood stuff. And we've already gone through those boxes once together over Skype. You see, my parents are trying to move too. Change is in the air -- it's like Mary Poppins or something.

Apparently de-cluttering is contagious because I've convinced quite a few people to buy Ms Kondo's book and give this a go. And we've been discussing pitfalls, like what to do if you get rid of something you need. What then?

Don't worry, I've already had a bit of a crisis. I got rid of this weird purple cardigan that I was sure I never wore anymore. But then I realized that there's a particular blue dress with some purple trim for which it had been the perfect companion. But it was too late. Purple cardie had already left for the charity shop!

For a moment I was truly panicked and almost sad. I immediately started regretting all this clearing out nonsense. It was uncomfortable and I had become overzealous and really had done it now. Throwing away perfectly reasonable things that I actually needed. For a moment, I even thought about going to the charity shop and buying it again. Seriously. And then I came to my senses and figured out that I could probably find something else to wear with it. In fact, that stone-colored cropped blazer looks far better with it.

One of the big reasons I'm doing this clear out is to help myself learn to let go of fear. (I know, not quite as cool/sexy as bungee jumping or walking with lions, but baby steps here.) So I think that finding out I'm missing something is really the best thing. It wasn't really a disaster, and there's always another solution, if not an actual better outcome.

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