Let's Keep Our Mind On The Prize

I've taken a bit of a breather from the life-changing clear out process. We had friends coming to stay and then an out-of-town family party. And I was feeling smug about my progress -- as I've finished everything apart from the sentimental items. (Oh, that small category.) I think that setting aside a corner of the attic for all these things fooled my brain into thinking that I was "done". Out of sight, out of mind.

And then the boxes arrived. 

My parents are selling their house and decided they would be returning to me (and my brother) all the random things we were storing there. Even though I live in another country. I suppose the excuse that I might come back soon is losing its teeth as the years tick by and I am still in London.

A few months ago, Mom and I spent nearly a whole weekend on Skype, whittling down the 11 boxes that were sitting in their basement. Already not an easy process, I felt quite proud that I was able to get rid of lots of things that way. But after all of that, as well as some culling I delegated to her, there remained three very large boxes that she packaged up and sent over (using Excess Baggage - she told me to give them a plug in the blog as they were very good!).

You have to love the inventory she typed up for customs. A few choice examples:
  • 1 bean bag doll
  • 13 childhood diaries
  • 4 shoeboxes of personal letters 
  • Journalism award plaque
  • Tooth fairy pillow

The total estimated replacement cost (for insurance purposes) of my childhood: £378.27

I unpacked everything and suddenly the corner of the attic reserved for sentimental items grew.

Here it is before:

And after:

I may have to just quit my job. Don't tell the Hub. If I want to get this sorting and clearing done in my allocated six months of the life-changing clear out, I do have my work cut out for me. An itemized list of your childhood items (including 15 photo albums) is where the rubber really hits the road.

My parents did agree to keep my dollhouse though. Which was a relief. Not sure what the Hub would have done if that had arrived at our flat.

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  1. Are you meant to be as ruthless with sentimentalia? :) Good luck!

    1. I really don't feel like this clear out has been ruthless actually - in fact, asking yourself if your objects give you joy is so liberating - I haven't felt the usual weight of having to make these decisions. I am very curious as to how it will be with sentimental items... I will certainly share my thoughts here so watch this space!


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