Early Writings: A Horror Fanatic?

I do love a good horror film. Not the bloody gory stuff, but give me a good old-fashioned haunting any day. And worryingly, this has now extended into an obsession with American reality T.V. programs where "professional" ghost busters visit the homes of people experiencing unexplained events. I may soon need to cancel our cable subscription to the "Really" channel -- but not until I stop going out of the house.

From a very young age I was pretty worried about what was hiding under the bed. I guess you could say I had a pretty active imagination, as I often wondered if skeletons came out of my closet at night and danced around me as I slept. At my parents' house last Christmas, the Hub and I found a picture I had drawn of a big blue monster hovering over the bed of child (most likely me).

But what I didn't realize was that my early writing also touched on the supernatural.

In the boxes my mother sent over this summer, I found a book written in conjunction with some other girls from my class at the Catholic school, which would put me in the age range of 10-12. It had no title, but it did have an introduction, which will give you a pretty good idea of where we were going with it (I will only include those parts of the book that I authored, which seem to make up the largest proportion anyway. I have also kept in any grammatical and spelling mistakes for authenticity).

This is a story about a family of five girls and a boy. The children's father is dead but their mother is pregnant.

Good news and bad, I see.

The family moves into a large mansion. Karen, who is the youngest, suspects a spook. Her suspicion may be right because many spooky things start to happen to everyone. The Sawyer family is unaware of the exciting adventures to follow. We hope you will enjoy this spooky book. 

Each chapter essentially details a "spooky" event, of course, like in The Family Meeting.

Mrs. Sawyer had called a family meeting. Everyone arrived in the parlor just at the right time.

What time is that? I am glad they are a prompt family -- and that they have a "parlor" -- my early writing seems to be riddled with references to grand old houses. Clearly another obsession of mine.

Mrs. Sawyer started talking about the strange happenings. Without any warning Sara got up and walked to the book case. She pulled out a book to show the family. Instead of carrying the book over to the couch, she screamed and droped it. Her mother saw her hands and almost fainted. They were covered with blood. Jessica took her to the kitchen to be cleaned up.

David went over and looked at the book. "Come here!" he yelled franticly. On the book was written:

And it was written in blood! 

What else could it possibly be written in? This is a horror story, after all.

Mrs. Sawyer ordered a full exspection of the house. Tara and David: The basement. Jessica and Jenny: The Upstairs. And Mrs. Sawyer, Karen and Sara were the downstairs.

It's almost as if I was scripting one these reality shows where they sweep the house. And good thing too, because look at what they found.

Other creepy things were found: A bloody knife, A piece of black cloth, A page of a book with a blood stain on it and a once shiney ring with a red ruby. "A scary house and a scary atmosphere," whispered Jessica. 

I'll say, egads, not a ruby ring!

I know you're dying to find out what happens. Stay tuned for the next installment: Horrifying Dream.

Until then, check out "Really" and its plethora of ghost programming. And you'll soon see how they must have used my early horror writing -- particularly "Haunted Collector" which is all about objects -- as a template.

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