More Of The Same?

As a blogger who writes about the connection between mind and body, how can I not write a New Year's resolution post?

I've been thinking about this a lot over the past few days and the thing that bothers me about these types of resolutions is how we suddenly fail to realize all the progress that we've made already in our lives. It's as if we just throw the baby out with the bath water, looking at our lives as a blank canvass that could be perfect in 2015 if we only got more exercise/ate better/became tidier/smarter/more skillful/found a new job etc.

So this year, instead, I've decided to find a few areas in my life where I've actually made some progress in 2014 and shout at the top of my lungs: more of the same!! I feel like 2015 is looking better already.

And I like making lists in threes, as they are easier to remember and it also seems perfectly reasonable to have three aspirations as you can always say at the end of the year: "Well, two out of three ain't bad..."

1. Writing. I made a bit of progress with this at the end of last year, getting more into a routine for working on projects, as well as keeping up with you, my dear readers. I'd like to continue this as it seems to be working and of course I'm no where near getting those bigger writing projects done. But getting into a writing routine is half the battle.

2. Eliminating procrastination. The big life-changing clear out in 2014 had a strange by-product. Amazingly, it helped to reduce my annoying procrastination habit that has plagued my entire life. I think this had something to do with my fear of decision-making and the fact that I had to choose over and over again which objects to keep and which to discard. It somehow gave me more confidence to just push ahead with things. And I hope this new attitude will not only help with continuing with writing, but also to do the work to make our new house a home in 2015.

3. Driving. So here's my new resolution, as it would probably be too lame to have three "more of the same" resolutions. American citizens with U.S. driving licenses cannot just convert them to a U.K. license. And so I cannot own a car here without taking a driving test. It stinks to feel 16 again. But then again, it could be fun. To get a license, a car, to hit the open road. I think England even extends outside of London, they tell me.

So there you have it folks. My New Year's resolution strategy for 2015. What's yours?
And Happy 2015!

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