The Outlier

I'm going to come clean. I don't like this time of year.

And it makes me wonder -- am I the only person who has a least favorite time of year? 

Most people seem to love the spring. They wail during January and February, gnashing their teeth and complaining how dark and depressing the winter is.

My parents' house in the most recent snow storm (Bainbridge, N.Y.)
But I love those quiet months after Christmas when life goes back to normal and everyone seems happy to just chill out and not do much of anything, except meet up and tell their holiday horror stories. 

I love summer: June, July & August, with swimming and ice cream and eating outside. And autumn. Halloween costumes, the smell of an apple pie baking. Fresh notebooks for back-to-school and even wearing a coat again. I love the smell, taste and the feel of these months and these seasons. I even like December, with its parties and the mad rush of holiday preparations.

But spring -- not so much. I sometimes feel clammy and cold even thinking about it. As February rolls into March, like clockwork, I start feeling down and anxious. Granted, I once had something very sad happen to me in March, but I think I've always felt this way, so that's not likely to be the cause. And it's not like it's the weather in the U.K. either -- I've felt this way as long as I can remember, no matter which country I was living in. 

I've tried to "fix it" by planning fun things in these months -- our recent trip to Tenerife was very helpful. And Vienna was great too. It's nice that there are so many bank holidays this time of year here, and maybe we should be using them more and planning even more weekends away. But most of the time I just wait for June to arrive, and as usual I start feeling better. 

I guess I'm just an outlier. But it made me wonder if other people felt the same about certain times of year. Are there months that you just don't like? And do you have a good reason for it or are you irrational and strange just like me?

Photo credit: Adam Foster Photography Halloween horror pumpkin carving via photopin (license)

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