The Reading Habit

I debated a few months ago on the blog whether or not I should be finishing all the books I start reading. I even asked readers their opinion and was surprised at what my informal survey showed: that a lot of people really do read most books to the end.

In what has turned out to be an additional 2017 New Year's resolution, I have decided to read every book I start this year to the end, even if I'm not loving it. (For my other New Year's resolution, read this post.)

And so far, I'm finding it to be a completely rewarding practice. The reason: I think I had just developed a really bad habit. It wasn't that I was stopping reading books I genuinely disliked, it was that I was giving up way too early on anything that wasn't immediately gratifying. I obnoxiously think I have a great attention span, but the reality was that I was engaged in some sort of strange grass-is-greener thing, wanting to move onto a different book all the time. 

It was definitely a bad habit. 

Turns out, I'm really enjoying getting to "the end". It's more satisfying and it's actually amazingly helpful to be reading novels all the way through when you're trying to write your own (shocking I know!). 

If you want to see what I'm reading at any one moment, you can find me on Goodreads here. I also always write short reviews on there.  

In other news, I wanted to let you all know that I am launching a Mind, Body & Scroll monthly newsletter, with some extra content and links to things I'm finding interesting. If you subscribe to the blog already, you will automatically receive it. If you don't, and would like it, you can subscribe to the blog (see right-hand side "subscribe" box), sign up on my author website, or you can email me at mindbodyandscroll [at] yahoo [dot] com and I will add you to the list. The first one will go out Monday morning, so subscribe before then to receive it. 

In the meantime, if you haven't weighed in on whether or not you finish books to the end, please do!  

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