There's A Digger In The Garden

We are only two weeks into the kitchen project and I've already come home to find a digger in the garden. Translation for my American readers? A backhoe in the back yard. 

I have been thinking about all of you and have a lot of blog posts in my head to be written. I couldn't believe it when I saw that my last post was in May! 

But you see, there's a digger in the garden. It's all very distracting. Granted, we're not project-managing this kitchen extension and renovation ourselves, but still, there are so many decisions to be made, and one hot Sunday we had to move absolutely everything out of our kitchen to make way for the demolition. In a place where the thermometer rarely gets much above the low 70s Fahrenheit in the summer, of course we would have to have a heatwave the week the works were scheduled to begin. 

I'm not complaining, just explaining, that I would rather be writing, but at the moment I am having ridiculous conversations about how I feel about extraction. Apparently there are two types of extraction people: those who open a door or window when they burn some food and those who feel very strongly about extraction and must have the best system possible to remove any trace of odor, grease or smoke. Since the question baffled me to begin with, I suppose I'm in the former camp. 

This is turning into quite the education. I'm also learning that when I speak to my parents about the kitchen plans they don't know what I'm talking about when I say hob, or cooker, or even extractor. Sometimes I really do forget that I speak another language now

If you're curious about our project, you can always follow along with the link to my photo album of before, during and after (although you'll have to wait until at least October for the "after" pictures). 

And now that the workmen have set up a temporary kitchen (including a real sink!) which is now complete with the portable hob my friend lent us yesterday, I'm hoping to resume the regular blog schedule again.  

As soon as I get over the fact that there's a digger in the garden...

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