How Do They Do It?

I really don't know how they do it.

I have always wondered how people who have jobs where their clients are going through something that is either very emotional, life-changing, or something they may just do once and therefore have very little experience of, cope. On this widely varying list I include professions like funeral directors, anyone involved in the wedding industry, headhunters, doctors, nurses, vets, paramedics, divorce lawyers, psychologists, police offers (including one detective I know) and social workers.

I know it's not exactly of the same magnitude, but now I will add to the list kitchen designers, builders and even Ray from the tile shop. (It's at least equivalent to anyone in the wedding industry.)

The thing is, in any of these professions, you have to deal with people who may be generally pretty sane, but who are clearly not their normal selves because they are really inexperienced in dealing with whatever it is they are dealing with right now. And can also be very emotional.

In my job, I deal with people who have typically been in the same industry for years. And for everyone in that industry, it's a job. It's not life or death (I don't think?), or even that personal. In many ways I like the fact that my day job is an escape for whatever else is going on in my life. Even though I truly love the functionality of spreadsheets, I can't get that emotional about them.

So hats off to people who do these kinds of jobs. Especially my kitchen designer who had to deal with the Hub hitting reply all and including her on an email to me that read: "Can't take this anymore..."

It could have been worse. At least he was replying to a comment I had made in the great debate over drawer handles, and not something coming from them.

Our extension work started June 19th and I've been determined not to complain about it, as I am lucky and grateful we can improve our house. And for the fact that we have a house at all. But I am well aware that I am acting temporarily insane at times. I've written a few tersely worded emails about ovens, said some tiles looked "cheap" in disgust, and didn't cope well with working from home this week when I had to make coffee and eat lunch in the bedroom.

I've been thinking about these professionals with awe a lot recently as I continue to exhibit unusual behavior. I really don't know how they do it. (If you do one of these jobs, maybe you can comment and let me know how you cope.)

Photo credit: Leonard J Matthews high voltage via photopin (license)

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