Summer Vacation

This will be my last post for two weeks, sadly – it's time for a little summer break. We're only going away for long weekend, so this must seem a little extravagant. But summer holidays call for some advanced prep time. There's scouring for sunblock (or as they say here – suncream) at Boots to find that SPF that's actually high enough to keep me alive, panicking at said scary pale skin that might frighten small children when pasty-white thighs are revealed and flirting with the idea of self-tan (although it never seems to work quite right). It's a tough life – really.

We've also agreed to do a little more advanced planning this year. Typically we just turn up in foreign cities and think, right, what shall we do now? By then all tours are booked up and restaurants shut, etc, etc, which obviously stresses me out and doesn't help any of my nervous tendencies. So I'm going to get out the France Rough Guide.

Luckily we're going to a remote place where we've been before so we have some idea of what's available and there's also been a collective desire to have some swimming and reading in the sun time at the local pool (my absolute favourite activity – holiday or not). I've even borrowed the latest Marian Keyes book from a friend. Before you judge my chick-lit ways, let me just say that she is so much more than a chick-lit writer. I absolutely love her books. They are funny and true on many levels. I also applaud her on a personal front for being so open about struggles she's had (and continues to face) – with depression and alcoholism. I am pretty fanatical about her and her work.

The other fabulous thing about this part of France is that our diet will consist solely of steak, pizza and wine. What could be better food to savor and enjoy?

I will make sure to collect some good stories to share with you when I am back. See you on Monday, September 6!


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  2. I know you won't read your comments for a while, but I wanted to say that I really enjoyed your writing in the paragraph about not being tan enough for your upcoming vacation.

    It's Woody Allen-esque.

    In an earlier post you said: "The article talks about how some people are able to actually harness this nervous energy. I wouldn't say this is true all the time for me – often I find it unharness-able (probably not a word) and something I'd rather not cope with."

    But you do harness it, to good effect.

  3. Thank you! If you're going to be anxious, might as well try to put it to work... I do think writing is one possible way to do this. As well as dancing around the house in a crazy manner...


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