The Amazing Body Clock

Let's just take a moment to marvel at the human body. Jet lag may be a big pain for travellers, but it is also a testament to how well our bodies actually operate. It is also why I'm wide awake before 8 a.m. US Pacific time and writing from our San Francisco hotel room.

Two days into the holiday, and I'm still exhausted. Last night instead of focusing on enjoying my beautifully crafted dirty martini at the Orbit Room as we toasted the bride-to-be, I was concentrating on keeping my eyes open.

But this nauseating tiredness also gave me pause to think about how amazing it is that our bodies are so in in sync with our home time zones. How do our bladders know that we want to sleep for eight hours uninterrupted during the night? It's clear they have very good timekeeping because not only does jet lag affect your sleep cycle but also your urge to pee in the middle of the night (yesterday after midnight every three hours like clockwork).

The stomach is also guided by our body clocks. I am never very hungry in the morning, but this morning at 7.30 a.m., was absolutely famished. Thank goodness for parmesan-flavored Pepperidge Farm Goldfish (not real goldfish - biscuity type things) I had the good sense to buy yesterday while I was at Walgreens (chemist). They're not really doing it for me though -- I am going to have to go find some proper breakfast soon.

But maybe I'll take a nap first.

San Francisco has been unusually hot the past two days, and it reminds me a little of London (especially the un-air conditioned bus ride I took yesterday). People look a little wilted, just like when Londoners are hit with an ususually hot summer heat wave.

But of course it's still a really beautiful city. And the streetcars whizz by packed with photo snapping tourists despite the extra heat. It's good to be here and good to see our friends. But not much else to report as brain feels muddled and sleepy. And nothing in my body feels quite joined up, so I hope this post makes some sense.

So, it's good to have some healthy respect for our mighty circadian rhythms. It does take quite some time to adjust because our body clocks are just that good. Also, it's a good idea to have snacks handy in the hotel room (although I think I'm getting over the novelty of eating Goldfish).

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