Friday Find: Urban Mavens

As a relatively new blogger myself, I am always happy to help out other newbies, eager to find interested readers. Two friends of mine have recently started blogs – and if you're interested in all things urban, you should check out their online musings.

Sara, who pens High Street Main Street, writes about urban living – both in the US and the UK – and how the physical aspects of town and city centres interact with the people living in them. You can read about such things as heated sidewalks, what monopoly boards and localism have in common, and ethnoburbs (I had no idea what they were either until I read the post!).

Over at Urban Clever, you can follow along on Molly's journey to downsize her belongings and re-think consumerism in the big city – without giving up style and good design. Read her post Take My Stuff… Please, and see if you can keep a dry eye while reading the everyday stories of the people who helped her to empty her flat by taking some of her possesions (although I am a crier!).


On a different note, don't forget that today is today is International No Diet Day! And you know how I feel about diets. If you're interested in reading some of my posts on the delights of intuitive eating, and why it makes sense, check out these links:

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