Back Soon...

It's been a long two weeks. Although I'm not a teacher or in a job that is officially dictated by the seasons, in Europe, after August, everyone comes back to work. Suddenly things are happening fast. Everyone wants everything now.

This dynamic has also meant that I have attended two industry conferences in the past two weeks, which has knocked the stuffing out of me. Hence the lack of blogging, or replying to emails. So apologies for the neglect and I will be back next week, hopefully with my regular schedule of posting twice. I've written the posts in my head already -- just need to type them up now!

In the meantime, I leave you with a link to my friend Donna's blog, where she not only described some sailing I did over the August bank holiday weekend (so you can see what I've been up to), but also made the important point that you don't have to love everything your partner does. Well said, Donna, and a good reminder to us all that we have to be true to ourselves.

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