The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On

And you'll never guess what it is.

I was reading a book recently about pain (which I will get to in another post), and the author, perhaps controversially, called golf the "most fun you can have with your clothes on." I'm sure this is a statement that invokes a very binary reaction: either you wholeheartedly agree or disagree.

But after our recent holiday, I just might agree.

The hub and I went to Portugal a few weeks ago, to golf in the Algarve. It was -- in our opinion -- the perfect time to get away. The hotel was not very busy, as it was early May, so still a bit off-season. And the weather was sunny, but not too hot. We spent a good part of each day by the pool, soaking up the sun to the degree our pale skin would allow, but mostly reading. The pool was ice cold, which the Hub's masochistic side seemed to enjoy (I preferred the indoor heated one), and the poolside birds were very friendly. They even helped me finish my tortilla chips and guacamole when I had ordered more than I could finish:

We also went for a drive one day and found a very special beach at the tip of the Algarve, in Sagres, which presented an even icier swim for the Hub than the resort pool. I stayed in the sand and took pictures of the polar bear.

But the most important part of the holiday for me was getting back out on the golf course. Although I have played golf from time to time over the past few years, there's a part of me, when I do any sport at all (even my usual yoga class or swimming), that fears I will get hurt. I worry my neck will be sore, or my back will ache.

Last time I saw Super Physio, as I was leaving, she said that although she was always happy to see me for reviews, that I didn't really need to come anymore. Her words stuck in my mind. There's a part of me that wonders if it's time to once and for all stop doing my stretches and being careful, and instead get back into doing physical activity for fun again. Now there's a thought.

So during our vacation a few weeks ago, we played golf three times and I survived. No, correct that, I thrived. I loved every part of it: being outside in the sun, getting frustrated with my game, hitting the shots that keep you wanting to play.

I definitely support the most-fun-you-can-have-with-your-clothes-on camp at the moment. How about you?


  1. I'm not a golfer, but I am definitely in your camp!

    1. I appreciate the support! Thanks for reading (and commenting)!


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