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Starting to blog is a strange thing. It's really putting yourself 'out there', not only making your writing public, but also your thoughts, observations and opinions. Scary stuff. And as public as it is, it's also sometimes difficult to get anyone to take the time to read posts. There's a lot competing for everyone's attention out there. 

But I love reading other people's blogs, almost as much as I like blogging. It's helpful to hear what's going on in other's heads and it's a great way to get all sorts of useful and interesting information as well. As a former journalist I know there's lots of expertise and creative thought hiding out under people's metaphorical hats, and I think it's damn nice when they take the time and make the effort to share of it freely with others.

Along that vein, I'd like to introduce two friends who have recently set up their own blogs: Gemma & Rose. 

Gemma is originally from Liverpool and started her blog to write about living in London, specifically chronicling 52 things she has always wanted to do or see in this great city. As she so eloquently puts it:

After a 2014 which zapped my energy levels, it was time to take a stand. I was growing weary of the endless stories from friends and colleagues (often from far off lands) of places they had visited in London, which as a native who moved to London six years ago I still hadn’t done. It was time to redress the balance. It was also time to do those things I keep wishing to do but always seem that tomorrow would be a better day.

You can find Gemma blogging at:

Rose is an American expat (like me!), but she lives in Paris. I'm totally jealous as I've always wanted to live there. She writes the blog Paris, Pittsburgh and More. Rose recently wrote a post about her own experience with refugees -- an insightful and interesting piece that starts with the sentence: One of my best friends is a refugee. You won't be disappointed when reading her story.

If you are as taken with Paris as I am, or think it's the most romantic city in the world (sigh), I'm sure you'll enjoy reading her thoughts and comments on life there.

In her own words: I started my blog in a "now or never" moment, and I'm having a lot of them lately! The defining moment came when Taron told me about her blog. It's been something I've been wanting to do for a while, especially after reading Gretchen Rubin's "The Happiness Project" last year. I'm being forced to live larger, experience life more fully. As far as happiness goes, it's way up there with dark French chocolate!

If you have a blog and I don't know about it yet, please do tell me. You can comment below or you can email me at mindbodyandscroll [at] yahoo [dot] com. Happy reading!

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