A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

I wrote a rememberance last week about my great aunt who passed away. And I mentioned a story involving a suckling pig. My dad read my blog post out at the memorial service and a cousin emailed my mom a photo of said event, in which I happen to look on in shock (horror? fascination?) at the piglet. Thought you might be interested:

A picture really is worth a thousand words.

I love old photos -- particularly the fashion. I am rocking red overalls. It also gives me hope that when I go gray, perhaps I could actually go blonde again? When you lived in 1981 you had no idea what it actually looked like (scary), so it's cool to revisit the experience.

I won't write a long post this week as I am running behind on February's New Year's resolution project, which actually was January's, which over ran into February. You see? This is the problem with New Year's resolutions.

So now I have two days to finish clearing off my netbook so I can pass it onto a friend and figure out how to recycle my old blackberry (this year's first project was about updating my technology).

Then in March, I'm onto the wedding photos. This means actually printing out and framing our wedding photos and displaying them (just in time for our first anniversary). It also includes making copies for my in-laws and putting together some albums for everyone.

The part I forgot about getting projects done is accountability. So please remember to bug me in March about whether or not I'm working on those photos. It's important, because after all, someday, they will be worth a thousand words.

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