Onwards And Upwards

I haven't written much lately about my physio exercises, Super Physio or pain – which is a good thing. I originally started this blog to share my experiences with musculoskeletal pain or RSI, but these days I am so much better that it has become almost a non-issue – some background noise occasionally – but no longer an obstacle to everyday life.

(If you are new to this blog and want the background story, now might be a good time to read The Whole Story or my first post: So You Want To Be A Runner…)

These days I am finally doing 'normal' exercise. I am averaging twice a week – usually two Bikram yoga classes or a Bikram yoga class and a swim. I think it might be nice to exercise three times a week, but I have trouble making that happen. I think that's OK, though, as it's enough to keep me sane, help me continue to get stronger and fitter, but also allows me also live a balanced life: keep my job, see my friends and cook dinner for me and the Hub most nights.

Which brings me to the next step in my recovery: doing fun exercise. I'm still not ready to go skiing (I can't face the idea of falling and breaking something and ending up back in physio) and zumba even seems a little dangerous with all that jumping around. But I'm branching out slowly. The Hub and I are going golfing over the long Easter weekend (with Christianity being the state religion you get two days off work here – it's amazing).

My other new exercise acquisition this year will be sailing! (I think that definitely deserves an exclamation mark.) It was all a little flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, but I learned how to sail a small sailboat at our family lake house when I was a kid. Since then my love of sailing has been dormant, brought to life in 2009 again when we did a sailing trip to Turkey. We had a professional skipper to sail us from place to place and he dubbed me a 'natural' (see photo to prove it). Then there was a weekend in Cowes last September when I helped our friend sail his boat through a minor squall (see my friend Donna's post on this). The result was an invitation to race with his crew at any time. And I'm signed up for June.

It may seem like a small thing to a 'normal' person, but for someone who has had to sit on the sidelines of so many activities over the past seven years, it's pretty amazing to think I'm finally strong and going to be able to do some really fun exercise this summer. And sailing is one of those things I didn't even realize I wanted to do, which makes it even more of a pleasant surprise that life has thrown it my way.

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