What Is Blogging Anyway?

In case you hadn't noticed, I've been a little less verbose on the blog recently. And I've felt all conflicted about it and worried about why I wasn't as excited about blogging as I once was.

It's been nearly two years now of writing Mind, Body & Scroll and it has never ever felt like work. I've never felt like it was something I had to do -- a chore or a task on a to-do list. I suppose that's why it's been bothering me so much that I just haven't been drawn to sit down as often and write.

And it's got me thinking: What is blogging really? And what is my blog to me and to others?

I started Mind, Body & Scroll for a specific reason: to talk about my experience with physiotherapy and to discuss what I've learned about health and life in the process. I've strayed into other areas -- my life as an ex-pat in the U.K., planning my wedding and my self-help book addiction -- but I hope that I've at least kept true to writing about the link between mind and body health.

But is this blog just a one-off project? Or it is a longer-term conversation?

I've mentioned this before, but I started a new role at work at the end of last year and it has been taking up a lot more of my attention and energy than during the last few years. And I think that's just fine, although things like blogging have probably suffered because of it. In addition, I've been mulling other writing projects and thinking about what else I'd like to work on, which has also taken attention away from this blog.

However, I do want to continue communicating with my small, but very loyal, band of readers. I think (and I hope you'll agree with me) that it's alright if maybe posts will appear less frequently when I am busy with life and can't totally focus my energy on this project. Life is cyclical by nature and ebbs and flows. Sometimes we need to have more down time or step away from projects. Not to mention that the blog is by its nature an extension of my thoughts and experiences and sometimes I may need to be more private than in other times or even just less self analytical.

I journaled for much of my younger life but when I was in college I made a decision not to keep a journal or diary. I just wanted to live life and not think about it too much. Sometimes that's a really good thing to do.

Anyway, I guess that this is my way of saying thanks for your support over the past few years as readers and I hope that you'll understand that sometimes I may need to take a step back from blogging, but I won't be away for too long -- I'll be back continuing the conversation again soon.

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